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Experience China

Would you like to experience China, a country with 5000-year history, 56 nationalities, and high-speed economic development rate? Are you also feeling overwhelmed by its richness in culture and scenery given your time restraint? Well, no panic! UOUTLOOK is committed to making it a lot easier and more fun for you by delivering high-quality and distinguished service!

Who UOUTLOOK serves
 · Overseas students who have internship in China
 · Overseas students who want to experience China themselves

Duration and content
Two weeks

  · Experience and activity options
  Visiting universities, communicating with college
students, city tour, experiencing the folk custom,
tasting the local food and snacks, sightseeing,
taking part in traditional festivals (Spring Festival
Lantern Festival, Dragon Boat Festival,
Mid-Autumn Day), practicing Chinese painting,
calligraphy, Kong Fu and cooking, visiting local families,
participating in activities with local people, and a lot more

One month or longer

 · Experience and activity options
  Studying Chinese Mandarin, Visiting more cities and tourist attractions, plus all the options mentioned in the two- week program

What our services include
 ·Pick-up and drop-off service
 ·Activity organization
· Accommodation arrangement
 ·whole-process companion and support
 ·24 hours emergency aid

How applicants apply for it
 Contact and give us some information about your time and what you like to see and  experience, by filling out application form
Based on your time and needs, we will work out an itinerary and activity schedule draft, and make an offer;
Pay 30 per cent of the program fee as a deposit, and we will make a detailed itinerary and activity schedule for you;
Communicate and make it finalized;
 Pay the rest of the fee after arrival.

We sincerely welcome international agencies and universities to set up cooperation with us!

Shoud you have any inquiries, please feel free to Contact Us

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