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Inside China

Employers Who Recruit the International Interns

With the deep going of globalization, enterprises and organizations have gradually higher demands on the international talents. UOUTLOOK, an expert in implementing the internship program, aims to provide you with the international interns who suit you.

What International Interns mean to you
· International talents with high performance to cost ratio;
· Helping you develop the overseas market effectively and efficiently;
· Helping you solve any problems brought by the foreign languages (e.g. English, German, French);
· Bringing you the new relationship networking, and perspectives of doing business overseas;

What UOUTLOOK can do for you
· Providing you the relevant interns information
· Recommending you the suitable interns on the custom-made basis

What you need to do
· Fill out the International Interns Recruitment Form and send it to info@uoutlook.com
· Sign the Cooperation Agreement with UOUTLOOK
· Provide an Internship Invitation Letter based on the format we made
· Assign an Internship Instructor for the intern
· Write an Internship Certification Letter for the intern when the internship is completed

Our advantages
· Wide access to the overseas interns markets
· Efficient developing channels in recruiting the overseas interns with high quality
· Long-term relationship with the overseas universities, and education institutions

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