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  Internship Opportunities
031513 Logistics Intern
021013 Production Planning Intern
010513 Process Improvement Intern
121012 Editorial Internship
110512 Product Advocate Assistant
102012 Electrical & Electronic Internship
100812 Social Media Marketing
100512 Search Engine Optimization
100112 Search Engine Marketing
092012 Web & UI Designer
091512 Java Development Internship
091012 Business Internship
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+86-21-52717509 , 52717507
+86-18964854972  (cell)

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Internship in China
An excellent platform for international students and talents to experience the diversified culture,learn the language,and gain hands-on work experience in China so as to get ready for a gloabalized society.Apply NOW!
Intern Employers
High-quality international interns can contribute a lot to your organization, but cost you just a little. The interns can also benefit a lot from the internship placements provided by you. Would you like to provide a win-win....
Chinese Language Learning
Do you fancy to improving your level of Chinese? Well, we are providing various fun and professional Chinese-learning solutions that well suit your time, place, and needs. You can do it at home or here in China...
Experience China
Would you like to experience China, a country with 5000-year history, 56 nationalities, and high-speed economic development? Are you also feeling overwhelmed by its richness in culture and scenery given...
Language Exchange
A FREE online community where you can find your language exchange partner, who speaks the language you want to learn and practice. Register NOW, and get your language exchange STARTED!
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