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Internship Opportunities List

Sales & Marketing Intern                           Internship Reference: 061512

Internship Title:        Sales & Marketing Intern
Organization Description:  
A Shanghai-based well-known Teaching Chinese as a Foreign language school with two campuses located in the heart of the city. The organization aims to bridge the communication gap and break down the language barrier between people with various language backgrounds and to enhance the communication between people from all over the world. Their highly skilled and professional team has allowed it to successfully build a diverse and loyal customer base. Students have noticed significant improvements in their language skills and have developed a sincere interest in learning Chinese because of our unique training methods. Students are able to select from a wide range of courses that best meets their learning objectives.
Length:                       1-3 months
Monthly allowance:      RMB2000
Start Time:                   February 2013 onwards
Location:                      Shanghai, China 
Internship Responsibilities:
This internship provides a great opportunity for the intern to sharpen their marketing and sales savvies in the real business practices. This internship also provides a great opportunity and environment for those who are interested to practice or improve their Chinese language ability.  The main internship responsibilities are as below:
1.   Develop, lead and train in a growing sales team with the purpose of
      creating and maintaining a sales pipeline of prospects within the
      designated market segment(s).
2.   Identify research and target prospective business and market segments
      using all available means, so as to ensure all sales team targets
      (including your own targets) are met and surpassed where possible.
3.   Build decision-making level relationships with prospects to understand
      their business needs in relation to their use of Language and cultural
4.   Work closely with the client services team to ensure clients are being
      managed within their expectations and that any issues and
      opportunities are handled appropriately.
5.   Help setting up a standardized Sales process.
Essential Requirements:
1. Marketing, sales or business-related majors
2. Excellent verbal and written skills in English
3. Easygoing and proactive personalities

Accommodation provided: NO
For any further inquiry:
Skype us at uoutlook
Call us at 0086-18964841305
Email us at info@uoutlook.com
Good luck!

If you are interested in this placement, please email us at info@uoutlook.com. Make sure you tell us the Internship Reference number.


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