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Internship Opportunities List

Online Marketing Traineeship                           Internship Reference: 090512

Organization Description:  
One of the largest and fastest growing scalable online performance based online marketing company. The company has a personalized retargeting and audience targeting department with proprietary demand-side platform (DSP), and an international media buying and selling Ad Network with business intelligence and excellent tracking technologies. With a direct marketing background, the company delivers true value-added campaign management and publisher management services with achieving the performance, sales objectives and ROI to its clients.
The company holds offices in China, Hong Kong, Germany and Brunei, 300 of the largest clients over European, North America, Latin America, Scandinavia and Asian clients are belonging to its client portfolio. The company is private funded and has teams speaking native languages for each of the largest markets like France, Germany, Spain, Italy, US and UK.
Length:                      4-6 months or longer
Monthly Stipend:        RMB3000-3500 on top of sales commission
Start Time:                 February 2013 onwards
Location:                    Shanghai, China 
Internship Responsibilities:
This internship sets a strong foundation for those who are pursuing a future career in one of the fastest growing industries today. You will receive training and mentorship on all the fundamental Online Marketing channels such as Affiliate Marketing, and Display Marketing.
The trainees will be based in Shanghai with our international team in our unique, open office environment in the heart of Shanghai new media district. Each trainee will have a mentor who will accompany you through your development. Upon completing your Traineeship, the trainee will be offered a position as Junior Account Manager. Each trainee will have an own individual training plan with a clear Corporate Career Progression Plan.
The main internship responsibilities are as below:
1.  Find prospect advertisers or publishers and bring new clients in according
     to development strategy;
2.  Conduct tests prior to commitment of online campaign to ensure
     appropriate results once campaign is live;
3.  Interact with creative specialist, and manager of campaign management
     to create holistic solution and team learning;
4.  Work closely with client account manager for campaign acquirement and
     management; communicate to publishers and monitor their performance.
     Solve problems within campaign life time.
Essential Requirements:
1.  Currently finishing up your university studies or recently graduated with
     a Master or Bachelor Degree in Business, Marketing, or a related field
     from an accredited university with high marks;
2.  Fluency in English is mandatory, and preferably good knowledge of a
     second language as well;
3.  Enthusiastic positive attitude, yet disciplined and detailed-oriented;
4.  The candidates from France and Italy preferred.

Accommodation provided: NO
For any further inquiry:
Skype us at uoutlook
Call us at 0086-18964841305
Email us at info@uoutlook.com
Good luck!

If you are interested in this placement, please email us at info@uoutlook.com. Make sure you tell us the Internship Reference number.


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