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Internship Opportunities List

Business Internship                           Internship Reference: 091012

Internship Title:       Business Internship
Organization Description:  a leading reinsurance multinational company with offices in different countries. Reinsurance, primary insurance and Munich Health have formed the basis of their integrated business model.
Length:                          3-6 months
Monthly Stipend:            RMB3000-3500
Start Time:                     February 2013 onwards
Location:                        Beijing, China 
Internship Responsibilities:
This internship provides a great opportunity for those interested in experiencing the Chinese corporate culture with a multinational company.
The main internship responsibilities are as below:
1. Writing various reports according to business needs. (approx. 20% of
    total workload).
2. Support the whole team in various English related tasks such as
    proofreading. (approx. 20% of total workload).
3. Organizing English learning sessions internally (approx. 40% of total
4. Completion of other tasks assigned, such as designing English PPT
    documents of company services (approx. 20% of total workload).
Essential Requirements:
1. Native English Speaker with Basic Chinese
2. Undergraduate or graduate student
3. Working experience in Financial Industry is preferred
4. Proactive and willing to learn
Accommodation provided: NO
For any further inquiry:
Skype us at uoutlook
Call us at 0086-18964841305
Email us at info@uoutlook.com
Good luck!

If you are interested in this placement, please email us at info@uoutlook.com. Make sure you tell us the Internship Reference number.


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