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Internship Opportunities List

Java Development Internship                           Internship Reference: 091512

Internship Title:       Java Development Internship
Organization Description:  a leading Chinese social Influence marketing Agency, which leverages expertise in social media marketing and combines this medium with additional online channels such as search marketing (SEO/SEM), EPR, EDM, display media and affiliate marketing services to amplify the communications and echo key messages.
The company combines the best thought leadership of the consulting world with the leading capabilities of the marketing services industry to support what their clients need, such as launching new products, repositioning a brand or participating in the social world.
Length:                         3-6 months or longer
Monthly Stipend:           RMB2000-3000
Start Time:                    February 2013 onwards
Location:                       Beijing, China 
Internship Responsibilities:
This internship provides a great opportunity for those interested in practicing and updating their Java skills in a marketing consulting industry which makes the best use of the social media and search engines.
Essential Requirements:
1.   Proficient in Java development, proficient in the Spring Framework (in
      particular, mvc, the database part) familiar with the application of the
      DWR Web Service development experience
2.   Proficient in MySQL database, skilled application of the proprietary
      function of the MySQL familiar with the SQL query optimization, views,
      functions, stored procedures, create, modify skilled javascript
      programming experience in the use of modeling tools such as
3.   Proficient in javascript, ajax, javascript independent programming skills,
      proficient in XHTML, CSS;
4.   Good communication skills, learning and comprehension ability, strong
      sense of responsibility and team spirit;
5.   Strong logical thinking and analytical skills, good programming style.
      Grasp of the relevant open-source framework, such as Web Services,
      Spring, and any one kind of OR mapping tools, priority, and some report
      development experience is preferred.
Accommodation provided: NO
For any further inquiry:
Skype us at uoutlook
Call us at 0086-18964841305
Email us at info@uoutlook.com
Good luck!

If you are interested in this placement, please email us at info@uoutlook.com. Make sure you tell us the Internship Reference number.


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