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Internship Opportunities List

Product Advocate Assistant                           Internship Reference: 110512

Internship Title:       Product Advocate Assistant
Organization Description:  a leading provider of mobile internet software technology and application services with mission to provide better mobile internet experience to billions of uses around the world.
Length:                       4-6 months or longer
Monthly Stipend:         RMB3000
Start Time:                  January 2013 onwards
Location:                    Guangzhou, China 
Internship Responsibilities:
This internship provides a great opportunity for those interested in pursuing a career in the IT technology industry to building up hands-on work experience. The main internship opportunities are as below:
1.   To assist Marketing Communication Manager with promotion of new
2.   To cooperate with Product Manager on optimizing product documents;
3.   To assist Marketing Communication Manager on SNS or the other online
      activity plan and execution.
Essential Requirements
1.    Candidates from Spanish, Arabic and English speaking countries preferred
2.    Smartphone users with strong passion and understanding of mobile
       internet and products;
3.    Journalism / Communication / IT or relative majors is a plus;
4.    Active minded, experienced in product promotion is a plus;
6.    Internship experience as editor or planner in technology website,
       advertisement or PR company is a plus.
Accommodation provided: Staff dormitory provided
For any further inquiry:
Skype us at uoutlook
Call us at 0086-18964841305
Email us at info@uoutlook.com
Good luck!

If you are interested in this placement, please email us at info@uoutlook.com. Make sure you tell us the Internship Reference number.


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